Dis-ease – An interlude to insights

                          Illness is caused by a lack of understanding. – A Ladakhi Amchi


Dis-eases are born to show us something about ourselves. Fearing and resisting them will only tighten their grasp on us. Looking through them however to know the reason of their occurrence may lead to deeper insights.

None of the dis-eases are intractable even if conventional therapies say so. Few of us are aware of how psychoneuroimmunology aids healing many dis-eases. Recently I came to know about the struggle of a friend’s aunt with cancer in her stomach. According to Louise hay, the author of You can Heal your life, the cognitive cause of cancer is resentment. The way resentment eats away the spirit, the cancer eats away the body. Medicines can help but changing the mind can definitely cure people of it. Books like Love medicine and miracles and The brain that changes itself are a compendium of incidents where patients have cured themselves of chronic dis-eases by positively changing their way of thinking and perspective.

Our way of receiving life events may lead us to such ailments. If we knew the perfect way to deal with trauma and stress, these ailments stand no chance of taking root in our bodies. When we allow fear and anger to persist, they lead to stress and eventually to depression. The kind of anger I refer here is the anger with an intention to hurt. Retiring into the such a state is causative to many dis-eases. Our ever fast and competitive world grants us limited or no opputunity to reflect and rejects all notions that are detrimental to our spirit and peace of mind. Simple techniques of cleansing neural pathways by self inquiry, keeping intentions, positive affirmations, visualizing, mindfulness, expressing gratitude, forgiveness and activities like gardening, painting, writing can lead us into the process of healing.
The buddhist perpective suggests that most of the problems or ailments are also a result of karma. Therefore, the only way to overcome it, is by generating merit. Generating merit is offering help with a pure heart free from expectations. I assure you that generating merit isn’t as easy as it sounds but worth a great life for self and others.
We must remember to spend time and support those going through such physical troubles. Support, words of encouragement, caressing are acts that possess magical healing properties.


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