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These books are a means to interact and express empathy in a sensuous manner.  The Japanese art form of Wabi Sabi has largely inspired these journals. It is based on the principles of impermanence, imperfection and incompleteness. The aesthetic value of the art form is determined through its simplicity and irregularity. These wabi sabi journals, henceforth, serve as a sensuous platform for an interaction between the artist and the reciever. The chief peculiarity is to make them appear as an old artifact and also a memoranda which has suffered damage and bears a history. Most certainly, words eventually inked into the pages will enhance the beauty of these pieces and rest the mind unburdening its thoughts and ideas.

The diaries are hand tied and are made up of handmade paper with a unique styling of pages. The paper is made from pulp of trees and bark, cotton, twigs &grass, paper scraps. The interiors are also hand done with attention on each page.  The pages are bound in such a manner that they allow a complete freedom of expression. Being hand painted, they do not have the gloss that factory-made products often have, but instead tend to grow more beautiful and attractive as they get older. They have been aged and stained to create for an antique look. They are even at peace with dirt. And everything else that sticks to them just makes them look even nicer. Fountain pens, gel pens, pencils, crayons… all these work well on them.








3 thoughts on “Book Art

  1. Wonderful. However i could not find your Facebook page where i could check more of your work. I especially loved the second design in toe.

    Keep it up:)

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