Physical Theatre

                 Physical Theatre

Theatre is a tool to dig into the wealth of imagination and bring forward myriad of ways to express the common truth for which we all live. The body is not meant to merely stay in comfort but to push itself and break open the walls that have withheld communication.

With movements  we paint an ever melting series of visuals depicting thoughts waiting to be perceived in million ways by the audience. Unlike movies, theatre is much more alive and closer to the audience. The actor is living a story in front of several spect- actors whom she includes in the performance. There is no objective to impose a message on the audience but to create a space for a wordless interaction of what is.

A performance represents the entire way of being and understanding which is enacted in bits and pieces through the most appropriate forms. Techniques are used to sculpt beautiful forms through practice and perseverance. Each and every part of the body has to adapt the features of clay and mold itself into defined formations.

Voices, if needed, will ooze out from within for final touches. The onus is on the actor to offer varied perspectives to its stationary audience which is quite a challenge. Hours and hours are spent on the body to be able to bend it like rubber. During the performance, the floor wet with sweat naturally augments the easy flow of transitions in the sequences. Improvisation brings in the opportunity for spontaneity and more creativity. Doing it often helps in developing the habit of the right brain to introduce more space for innovation.




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